SPHL approves sale of the Mississippi Surge to New Jersey businessman Tim Kerr

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Former NHL great Tim Kerr is excited to lead a group that will keep pro hockey on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Kerr said, "Biloxi is a great market with a long-standing history on the ice and my decision to purchase the Mississippi Surge was done so hockey will continue for years to come."

Coach Steffon Walby says the Surge sale only helps the defending SPHL champions and gives hockey fans on the coast assurance for the future.

Walby said, "Hockey is going to remain on the coast for many years to come. Continued stability and not much is going to change as far as the product on the ice, the product you see out in the community. And certainly the overall goal of the Mississippi Surge is continued success."

Walby believes the addition of Kerr to the front office will only help the Surge.  Kerr is a highly regarded businessman in the New Jersey area.  Before his business dealings, Kerr was a standout hockey player with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Walby says Kerr is a true NHL great.  He said, "Kerr is familiar with Southern hockey.  He owned the Pensacola Ice Pilots of the ECHL and sold them and bought the Pensacola Ice Flyers."

Don't expect any conflicts with Kerr owning two SPHL teams.  Walby stated, "I see it as a Huge success because both franchises can feed off each other and both offices can work toward a common goal of putting more fans in the seats."

Will Walby's duties change with new ownership taking over the Surge?  Walby said, "My duties aren't really going to change. We're going to be more involved as far as the front office side but all the decisions and everything will be now between Tim and myself, rather then as an ownership group and myself."

Walby, who guided the Surge to the 2010 SPHL President's Cup Championship, will remain as the Surge head coach and general manager.

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