Forum goes beyond "sound bites"

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi will elect a new governor this year, and seven of the men who would like that job were in Gulfport Sunday. They were on hand for a political forum sponsored by the Westside Community Association.

This kind of event gives people a chance to meet, up close and personal, the individuals who want to lead this state for the next several years.

The questions included things like: will you raise taxes? What do you think of the job MDOT is doing? Should Mississippi drivers be required to have liability insurance?

Their questions represented the concerns of many Mississippians.

There were an estimated 60 people there, but many of them were family or friends of the candidates. In other words, it was not a big crowd.

Some of the organizers told us they were disappointed that more people were not on hand for the forum.

You often hear the complaint these days, that candidates are neatly packaged in slick television commercials and 20 second sound bites on the news. That explains why a forum, with the open exchange of ideas, can be helpful. These forums goes beyond the packaging of a candidate.

We live in a nation where about half the people eligible to vote, don't even register. Typically, less than half who are registered, actually go out and vote.

This is a very important election for all Mississippian's, so maybe this year the number of people voting will be up.

Time will tell, won't it?

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