Treasure Bay Gets City Approval

Treasure Bay casino got some good news at Tuesday's Biloxi city council meeting. By a four to three vote, council members agreed to allow the casino to be moved slightly to the east of its present location.

Treasure Bay CEO Bernie Burkholder says the casino will be a lot safer from hurricanes when it's moved.

Burkholder told council members, in the ten years Treasure Bay has been on the Coast it has suffered some 30 million dollars in storm related damage. Now, the casino can't even get the insurance it needs.

Although Biloxi has agreed to the move, there are some hurdles the casino has to clear. The family that owns the land where the casino now sits, has filed a lawsuit to block the move.

Treasure Bay also has some longstanding problems with the Secretary of State's office. However, Burkholder says he is confident they can being the move late this year, and be in their new location by late spring or early summer of 2004.