"School of Rock" to open in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Young people across the coast will soon have a new outlet to learn and perform popular music.

An Ocean Springs couple is about to open a new music academy that combines individual instruction with group performances. The new venture is called Rock-U2.

A Jackson Avenue building that once served as the Ocean Springs ice house will soon resonate the sounds of music.

"In here is the primary area where recording happens for drums, bass, keyboards, guitar. We have a vocal isolation booth," said owner Tim Alamsha, as he gave a tour of the new facility.

Alamsha and his wife Barbara, both longtime musicians, are pursuing a dream with Rock-U2 and they say filling a void that exists for students eager to pursue a love of music.

"We thought many times over the years, what do we wish there would have been when we were young and starting? And we made our list and we decided to build it all," said Tim Alamsha.

It starts with individual lesson suites for aspiring musicians.

"Suites are for vocal lessons. Guitar. Bass. Keyboards.  And then the drum suites are a little larger," said the owner.

Individual learning is followed by practice in larger group rehearsal rooms.

"Provide the individual lessons. The group rehearsals as a band. And then the live concerts that occur every three months," said Barbara Alamsha.

A professional recording studio is a focal point of the new music academy. Aspiring young musicians will have access to 24 channels of digital audio recording and a multi-camera video shoot.

"We'll have it uploaded to YouTube, so grandma and grandpa, anywhere in the country, can see the students perform," said Alamsha.

The couple says RockU2 is a wonderful fit for Ocean Springs, Mississippi, given the state's rich musical history and the city's reputation as an arts community.

"Creating the finest experience where children could come and learn. Grow their appreciation for music and the arts. Record. Explore career opportunities. And just have a good time," said Tim Alamsha.

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