Top Chef shows off top seafood in Biloxi

Chef Eli Kirshtein
Chef Eli Kirshtein
Chef Tiffany Derry
Chef Tiffany Derry

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was finger licking fun out on the Biloxi Town Green as the Top Chef Tour Bus treated fans to an up-close look at the show.

"A town like Biloxi is great because the fans are much more appreciative. It's not like New York where they get everything, but they can come here and get something really special," said Season Six Contestant Eli Kirshtein.

The Top Chef Tour Bus has been roaming across the country, pairing up former contestants for mini cook offs, and giving local celebrity judges a taste of the action.

However, this stop is also putting a spotlight on the Mississippi Seafood Industry. The Department of Marine Resources teamed up with the show to feature fresh Gulf shrimp in the Biloxi demo.

"I think the misconceptions nationwide are that the Gulf Safe Seafood, isn't that.  In effect it is. It's being tested more than ever. There are more quality levels than there have been in history," said coast restaurateur and guest judge Rob Stinson.

Top Chef has become a national phenomenon. That's why DMR is hoping the chefs can help spread the news that Gulf seafood is both safe and delicious.

"I'm always down for supporting local. The shrimp today was superior It was so beautiful.  It was glistening.  It was tasty. It was flavorful. That's what it's all about," said seasons seven and eight contestant Tiffany Derry.

"I think that this message will go out across the nation. I think that Bravo TV is smart and they realize that this is what people need to hear," said Stinson.

That's the message these contestants will spread, right after they do some eating of their own.

"I want to experience some Biloxi food. You know, I want some Mississippi," said Derry.

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