Moss Point schools may see fewer layoffs

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The results of the emergency meeting called Thursday evening by the Moss Point School Board, mean more teachers could be returning to the school district.

"We've actually looked at the budget and started to crunch our numbers. We have started to place on paper the number of teachers that we think we can bring back. Right now, we think we can bring a good number of them back," said Moss Point School Board President Clifton Magee.

The superintendent sent out a letter to teachers a few weeks ago, saying many contracts would not be renewed due to budget cut.  Around 100 teachers were alerted to the non-renewals.

"We have since looked at the numbers. They're substantially lower on what we reported before.  But, we're working on those numbers also to bring a good number of the teachers back," said Magee.

While numbers in the state budget mean that more teachers will received an extended contract, board members say the Moss Point School District still has its budgeting issues to face.

"We had to look at the school systems budget, and primarily this is what has driven this situation. We have to cut our budget. We have to do as any other community across the nation and across the state. With education being cut we have to cut into the funds for the school and by that we have to start reducing," said Magee.

The board president says that the district's best interests are always at the heart of every decision the board makes, no matter how difficult that decision is. .       .

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