Neighbors haunted by little girl's screams for help

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A four-year-old girl died Tuesday night when her home caught on fire in Hancock County.  Keyleigh Jenkins's parents and friends could hear her screaming trapped inside a burning trailer. Although they tried desperately, they couldn't get past the flames to save her.

That tragedy unfolded Wednesday night in north Hancock County when fire engulfed a trailer at the Scenic Trials Camp Ground on V-Bar Road off Highway 53 in North Hancock County.

Kenneth Teague said when the 10 o'clock news ended Wednesday night, he turned off the TV and went to lock the door before heading to bed. That's when he glanced out the window and saw an inferno.

"I looked out over here and seen flames coming out of their kitchen window," Ken Teague said.

Teague said the flames intensified and spread so quickly that he yelled to others to dial 911, then rushed out of his mobile home to help the family.

"When I pushed the door open, there was so much heat coming out of it , it 'bout knocked me to my knees."

Seconds later, he said his neighbor, Michael Jenkins, somehow crawled out of the burning house.

"The dad was outside the trailer. We couldn't understand why he didn't grab the baby,"  Amy Teague remembered. "The next thing I know, the mama, she's jumping through the window. And we're saying, 'Where is Keyleigh? Where is Keyleigh?' We could hear her screaming, and then she just went silent and it was too late."

"He tried to go back in the door one more time; He couldn't make it," Ken said.

Sheriff's officials said the blazing fire prevented Jenkins from getting to his daughter.

"Unfortunately, Keyleigh was lost in the melee. The fire, the confusion, the smoke, apparently the child was lost," said Hancock County Sheriff's Investigator Ricky Fayard.

The Teagues would often babysit Keyleigh, who liked to play with their 4-year-old grandchild.

"Every time I close my eyes, I hear that baby screaming. And I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life. I haven't never been through nothing like this. It was just horrible," Amy said.

It's too soon for fire investigators to know what caused the home to go up in flames and take the little girl's life.

Keyleigh's parents, Dana Harvey and Michael Jenkins, both suffered burns during the fire. They are both listed in serious, but guarded, condition at USA Medical Burn Center in Mobile.

The Teague Family set up a benefit account to help pay for the child's burial expenses. If you'd like to help, just stop by any Hancock Bank branch and ask to make a donation in Keyleigh's name.
The Teagues said the Jenkins had lived in Scenic Trails for about a year. They said the family moved in after losing everything they owned in a house fire in Pearl River County.

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