Restaurant owner's super-sized sign critiques sewer system

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point restaurant owner says five days of dealing with raw sewage has him fed up with the city.

Samuel Craft said it's no secret the city's sewage system is in bad shape. He said it's also no surprise he's getting not getting much help from the city of Moss Point. In case you haven't seen, Craft has posted a gigantic sign in front of his riverfront restaurant criticizing the city.

"They said they were sorry, it is nothing they can do. And I said yes, I agree, you are sorry," Craft said.

Craft's sewage headache began five days ago when he discovered a mess all over his property. He showed us some of the pictures he took of the mess.

"Sunny day and look at the sewage in my yard," Craft said pointing to one picture. "And there was no way to open up the restaurant with sewage like that."

Craft said because of the faulty system, he couldn't run the dishwasher, ice machines, or flush the toilet. He called the city's Public Works crew for help.

"That guy told me that there was nothing he could do for me. He said that they had a pumper truck down a day before pumping out, and they would have to call a contractor in to come and find the piping."

The restaurant owner was expecting a big Easter weekend. But with his doors shut, he said he lost hundreds of customers and thousands in revenue.

"Friday, while I was out dealing with them, I turned away 75 customers for lunch and there is nothing I can do about it."

Moss Point's Public Works Superintendent Cephus Finklea said lots of grease from Craft's restaurant was clogging the sewer line. Finklea said the city has now cleared the line and finished installing a clean out box, so Craft can reopen his restaurant.

That's the good news, but Craft said he needs to check everything before opening the doors or taking down his sign.

Public Works said it will continue to monitor and clean the sewage lines over the next few days to make sure the problem doesn't pop up again.

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