Wal-Mart Employees Continue Cleanup

The South side of Horn Island is now a lot cleaner thanks to several workers at the Wal-Mart in Ocean Springs. Almost 30 workers volunteered their day to clean up the coastline.

Wal-Mart employee Demp Bell says there's an obvious reason why he and other employees gave up their Sunday to help clean up Horn Island.

"Some of the benefits...well..you turn around and look back over the last 200 yards and tell a difference...just simply cleaner," Demp Bell, the volunteer coordinator.

"When you come to the beach, you don't want to see all that," said Dashila Mozeke, a volunteer. "You don't want to see trash on the floor..on the sand..you know."

"When you come up to the island you love, you want to see litter free," said Libby Duncan, a volunteer.

They say the island is now cleaner, but more importantly, other volunteers say it's safer.

"Because like all other people, I have kids that come up to the beach, and I wouldn't want them to come out to the beach and see bottles on the sand. I wouldn't want them to come out step on bottles cut their feet," said Mozeke.

She said their clean-up efforts also taught her a lesson on polluting.

"A lot of us, like myself, we probably threw something down before on the beach," said Mozeke, "and we're cleaning it up, you know, so everybody can be safe. And the next time we come out to the beach, we're going to put this in the garbage can."

But volunteers like Eddie Hibbard say for the island to stay clean from now on every visitor has to pitch in.

"If everybody just does a little bit, it will make a huge difference," said Hibbard.

The volunteers say they couldn't make it for the Coastal Cleanup yesterday so they're doing their part today. They collected more than a dozen bags of trash and plan to do it again next year.