Red Cross RendezView Is A Sailing Success

Folks were definitely enjoying the first Red Cross RendezVIEW at the Beau Rivage marina - all to benefit the local American Red Cross.

"This is a great cause, and you know the luxury of these boats doesn't usually lead you to believe that they use it for generosity or good causes like this, but they do and it's impressive, to say the least," said Matt Ziifle.

For a ten dollar donation, people had the opportunity to watch fire boat demonstrations, receive a free blood sampling test sponsored by the Red Cross, and of course, eat lots of good seafood.

"Well, today I have to offer fresh catfish. Let me tell you how fresh they are. We caught them this morning at daylight, and we filleted them last night. Now that's fresh fish. The only way you can get them fresher than that is eat them last week. We give a guarantee with our fish. If you go eat them and come back and say you don't like it, we still keep your money because we know they're that good," said restaurateur Frankie Duggan.

But the main catch of the day was the chance to tour everything from mega-yachts to this cute little classic tugboat named Lil' Toot..

"It's 23 by 8 foot, weighs out at two and a half tons, it'll go ten knots, 8 miles an hour, seat 4 people comfortably," said boat owner Casey Cahan.

"We've had such a good outpouring of support from our community. Our boat captains and all our folks that have come out to support the Red Cross in this endeavor. All the sponsors have been just terrific. The yachts that have come in have been great. We're excited about it," said local American Red Cross executive director Oscar Barnes.

If you didn't make it this year, have no fear.

The Red Cross plans to make the "Red Cross RendezView" an annual event.