Hancock County Road Has Accident History

Marrina Ladner was laid to rest Saturday morning--four days after the 18 year old's body was pulled from a Hancock County creek. Investigators believe Marrina's car veered off a bridge on Cesar-Necaise Road, then flipped into the water. The Ladner family's grief is a painful reminder for another South Mississippi family.

Two years ago, a seventeen year old girl almost lost her life on the same road where Marrina Ladner died. Now, Jodi Shaw's family reflects on how close they came to experiencing the same tragedy. They said that inside the heartache is a lesson to be learned.

"It's a living nightmare every time I look through these pictures," said Jodi's mother, Marie Favre.

She can still picture her daughter driving the rural Hancock County road that September day. The 17 year old approached a curve. Then she lost control.

Marie Favre said, "This guard rail after my daughter hit it was hanging over The impact sent Jodi's car off the road and into the water. It was a mother's worst nightmare, because whenever they had told me where it was. It's just I can't swim and that's a big fear for me is going off into the water and not being able to get out.

That accident was not the family's first run in with this bridge on Cesar Necaise Road. Fifteen years earlier Marie's father, Jerry Shaw, had been on his way back home.

Jerry Shaw said, "I got in this curve here and it was wet and truck started spinning around with me and I lost control of it and it turned over. It wasn't no good feeling."

The family says all those bad feelings came back when they found out about yet another accident that happened here. But where Jodi and Jerry escaped with only a few bruises, Marrina Ladner lost her life.

Marie Favre said, "Just by Jodi going off into this water, we've had several people tell us that every time they go through here they think about what happened to her and then now with the death of Marrina hopefully people will be more aware of how dangerous this area is. This bridge or this area is not just your regular straightway.. slow down, please. Before we have another victim."

Marrina Ladner died on Cesar Necaise Road just a week to the day before the second anniversary of Marie Favre's daughter's accident.

The Hancock County Sheriff's department couldn't tell us exactly how many accidents there have been near the bridge. However, Lieutenant Danny Gilkerson says he's worked at least six wrecks in the past two years and assisted other officers on several others.