Gulfport husband: Wife's kidney surgery could be next week

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Larry York, the Gulfport man who is selling sodas to help his sick wife, returned to the Dirt Cheap parking lot on Pass Road Monday hoping to sell the last batch of water and Coke products. So far, he has sold about 200 cases, totaling more than $1400.

York's wife, Vanessa, needs a kidney transplant and Mr. York will be the donor. The money will help the couple pay medical bills and transportation costs to New Orleans. York was overwhelmed by the generous donations he received over the weekend.

"Some of them came a long ways. It's very touching and everything, and said it touched their heart. And one guy called me Friday night crying about it, he was excited about it. I appreciate everything everybody done for us, and appreciate what y'all did for us too," York told WLOX News.

Monday was supposed to be his last day to sell drinks, but Mr. York said he will continue the sale this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He hopes the surgery will be as early as next week.

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