Leakesville residents come together to resurrect their spirits

LEAKESVILLE, MS (WLOX) - On Easter Sunday, the small town of Leakesville held its first city-wide service after last week's massive tornado. Many people who were homeless and hopeless came out to Sunday's celebration hoping to get a feeling of renewal.

The worship service attracted dozens of families, friends and neighbors. They all shed tears and leaned on each other for support during this tough time.

"The storm was devastating. We know of at least 28 homes that were totally demolished, not counting tree damage on dozens of other, loss of life here in Leakesville and communities close by," Organizer Tony Gray said.

Tony Gray organized Sunday's Resurrection service and believes this is a major step in the healing process.

"Even though with great loss of both human and property we are still here, we are still together."

That unity and support shown here helped many of these folks testify about their horrifying experience the day the tornado hit.

"I heard something like a freight train, roaring," one tornado victim said.

"I was weak, I was frail, and all I could do is cry out, help us lord, help us, "another tornado victim said.

"And after calling on the name of Jesus, it (tornado) was gone just that quickly," a Leakesville resident said.

The citizens said after the hour long service they felt like their spirits had been resurrected.

"In a time like this you better be bound together, where you can hold up our head and beat the challenges of the world," Leakesville resident Joe Bullard said.

"The future is a better Leakesville, a closer Leakesville, and a more faithful Leakesville, I pray."

One person, 55-year-old Debra Hill died as result of last Friday's Tornado. Her funeral service was held Saturday.

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