Dozens attend sunrise Easter service in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - With the sun making it's presence known through the tree-tops, the moon was slowly being chased away from the night sky.

Under that setting, the still morning air was woken up by the sound of bagpipes.  The congregation continued with music all their own, sung from the heart. Words of praise helped lift the spirits of the congregation. Those words brightened their lives.

Robbie Lyons and his family were at the service. Lyons said they are very close and appreciated the meaning of the day.

"It's such a beautiful thing, Easter. It's about why we're here." Lyons said. "I love my family and I want them to know the Lord Jesus Christ and I want them to have life."

Another song, and more prayer at the non-denominational service, open to any person, or even man's best friend.  But why a sunrise service?

Pastor Scott Castleman of the 1st Presbyterian Church explained. "The first account we read of Easter is that the women early in the morning went out to the tomb and they found the stone rolled away at sunrise so it's a wonderful way to welcome Easter day and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord."

And that salvation left a mark on this congregation that can only be seen in the expressions of grace and praise on the faces of those who came to worship.

This is the second year the First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs has hosted the sunrise service at Fort Maurepas Park.

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