York Update: I'll call doctors and tell them we're ready for kidney transplant

GULFPORT, MS - Because of a generous South Mississippi community, a Gulfport man says he'll be able to present his wife with a lifesaving gift.

On Friday, WLOX introduced you to Larry York, a blind man who has been selling drinks on Pass Road in Gulfport. York plans to donate a kidney to his wife of 23 years, Vanessa, who is on dialysis after losing both of kidneys to kidney disease. The fundraiser is to cover expenses.

After our broadcast, York says sales picked up dramatically. As of around noon on Saturday, he'd sold 80 percent of 325 cases of sodas and water. So on Monday morning, York says he'll call Tulane Medical Center to tell doctors his family is ready to move ahead with the transplant.

"It's a blessing to see everybody coming out and help. It means a whole lot. Everybody is so nice to us and giving donations," said York.

James Grant is one of York's friends and has been helping him with the sales.

"Doctors, preachers, a lot of people come by and donated,"said Grant. "We've been selling. We've still got a lot to sell if anybody wants to come on around and get some."

Larry York and his friends say they'll be back out selling on Sunday in the Dirt Cheap parking lot starting around 1 p.m.

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