Turnout doubles for special needs Easter egg hunt

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Peter Cottontail's bunny trail went through Biloxi on Saturday at the Civitan and Biloxi Special Needs Easter Egg hunt. Now in its third year, organizers say the event is starting to take off.

Jamie Broussard, 13, is an expert when it comes to uncovering hidden Easter eggs.

"Finding eggs. It was fun. Yeah. A lot of fun," Jamie said.

Children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities scattered across the Biloxi Town Green scooping up plastic eggs and candy. The tasty prizes, games and free food made the egg hunt a big hit.

Mary Trowerbach of Ocean SPrings came with her husband, son and with her daughter Marissa who has Down's Syndrome.

"It was very well organized, and it was fun," said Trowerbach. "My daughter couldn't wait to get out on the field. She kept running out before they were saying it's okay to go out."

"Being around all the other special needs children and their families," said parent Frank Broussard. "I enjoy the things they do for kids like my daughter."

By stepping up promotion this year, organizers say they were able to attract twice as many families as last year.

Keith Wilson of the North Bay Civitan Club said, "Our primary goal is to help people with developmental disabilities. I think by having this event once again for the third year has definitely given us the chance to spread the word of the mission of Civitan International."

Civitan members say events also give families with special needs children a chance to get to know each other.

"I think this event gives the families and their children an opportunity to work together as a family," said Wilson. "And it also lets these children learn about each other's disabilities and what affects them. They may have a different disability from the child next to them."

The event was sponsored by the city of Biloxi and the North Bay and Biloxi Edgewater Civitan Clubs.

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