Citizen's bravery the talk of Jourdan River Shores

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Two Louisiana men are behind bars, charged with burglarizing a house in Hancock County's Jourdan River Shores community. A good Samaritan who happened to be in the right place at the right time is being credited for the capture.

It was broad daylight Thursday afternoon when authorities say 24-year-old Joshua Johnson of Covington and 18-year-old Jake Ruffino of Slidell broke into a storage shed and a nearby freezer and stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

"Included in the items was several hundred dollars worth of equipment and several pounds of sausages and meat," said Hancock County Sheriff's Investigator Matthew Carver.

A friend of the homeowner, Paul Boswell, spotted the two men.

"Mr. Boswell called the owner after he had passed by to see if anyone was allowed at the residences. The owner told him, 'absolutely not.' Mr. Boswell turned around pulled into the drive-way and blocked the suspects' vehicle in the drive-way," Carver explained.

Investigators said Boswell then pulled out his pistol and approached the men.

Hank Plauche' heard that story Thursday night at his restaurant, the Jourdan River Steamer.

"He pulled up to the guys and asked them what they were doing," Plauche' recalled. "One said he was looking for his cousin. He said, 'wrong answer.' He pulled out his weapon, held those guys, put them on the ground until the police got here."

Sheriff's deputies said Boswell held the men there for seven minutes until they could arrive.

Investigator Carver said citizens willing to get involved is their greatest asset in catching criminals, but added, "We do not recommend citizens hold suspects. We do appreciate Mr. Boswell's bravery."

Plauche' remarked, "I was excited. I was up in the air. It was like, chalk one up for the good guys. A little relief down here is a nice thing."

Both men are being held in the Marion County Jail, each under a $25,000 bond.

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