Vancleave Man Dies In House Fire, Four Others Injured

The family of country musician Paul Overstreet is overwhelmed with sorrow. The musician's uncle, 74 year old Lloyd Overstreet, died Friday morning when his home on Polly Lake Road in Vancleave caught fire. Overstreet's wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandchild, were also sleeping inside.

They're alive because of quick thinking by the newspaper delivery woman and those who came to the rescue.

"The newspaper lady had seen the fire, and she tried to get in the house, but it wouldn't open," family member Benta Tanner said.

That was a little after five this morning.

"So she went up to the corner store up here and tried to get the ambulance."

It didn't take long for Vancleave firefighters to arrive at the Overstreet home. But the first help came from family. You see, most everyone on this street is related.

"Before the fire trucks got here, my dad, Greg Trenton, and Timmy Lloyd had gone in the house and drug out the bodies that they could."

Tanner says her grandma was unconscious when relatives carried her out. Two other adults, her aunt and uncle, were badly burned. Someone managed to rescue the baby, but no one could find grandpa, 74 year old Floyd Overstreet.

"All of the people were out except my grandpa, and they didn't know where he was at. After they got the smoke out and everything calmed down, they went in and found him in the bedroom. And it looks like he may have tried to go in and get my grandma out of the bedroom."

Investigators say it could several days before they know how the fire started. But even when that question is answered, the family will be left with the question of "why?".

"It's not suppose to happen to our family. It happens to everyone else's, but it's not supposed to happen to us. This is my paw-paw. And it really hurts."

by Claire Nelson