Most coast fishermen feel Gulf seafood is safe

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Jody Broussard and his brother spent the morning going over the days catch: two ice chests full of big, beautiful, white shrimp.

Nearby, birds sit perched, waiting on a free meal.  They won't be getting it though, because Jody has other plans.

"I've been eating oysters, raw oysters on the half shell, fried shrimp and I haven't had a problem with it at all," Broussard said. "I feel like it's safe."

Further down the dock, Adam Ladnier cleans up a boat after a fishing trip.  Fish from the Gulf is a family favorite.

"So far, so good," Ladnier said.  "Me and my family haven't stopped eating it and until we hear something otherwise, we're going to keep eating it."

Even with the wind blowing and surf full of whitecaps, you won't find a shortage of coast fishermen going out to try their luck for the day, or people casting a line from the pier.

Dena Davis just got back in, and there's a reward in the ice chest waiting for her.

"It's as good as ever. So far there's been no problem," Davis said.  "We eat it, we've been eating it since late last year, and it's good. We're not at all worried. We feed it to our kids."

No doubt, hundreds of scientists are testing Gulf seafood every day of the week, trying to make sure that it's safe. While most of the fishermen I talked to believe what the government says, others do not.

You can put Rodney Allen in that camp.  Even if he catches something, he won't be eating it.

"No sir, I will not," Allen said.  "Not until they can guarantee me that it's safe for me and my family."

Even without a guarantee, most people on the coast are not about to give up the pleasure found on a plateful of shrimp or fish.

Just this week, the last remaining waters of the Gulf that were closed to fishing after the oil spill were re-opened.

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