Moss Point hires a new police chief

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The criminals who terrorize the streets of Moss Point are on their way out. That's the pledge of the city's new police chief, Keith Davis.

A WLOX News breaking news email brought you this story first early Thursday afternoon. Davis takes over a department plagued with problems in recent years that ended with the firing of the last chief.

Keith Davis said he's eager to boost the image of this police department.

"It has been viewed as average, and I want to make that agency a great agency," Davis said.

The 40-year-old knows the job will be a challenge, but he is not worried. The new chief said he will use his 17 years of law enforcement experience across South Mississippi to help him.

"I started with the Gulfport Police Department in 1993. I had tenure with the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. And my current position is captain in charge of investigations for the D'iberville Police Department."

Davis said he has a big to do list in Moss Point; everything from changing look of the police cars to the way the officers fight crime on the streets.

"We want to send a message to those individuals that are terrorizing the city; we want them to know there is a new police department," Davis said. "If you do crime, we will come after you and we are going to come after you forcefully. We are going to utilize the Jackson Sheriff's Department, FBI, DEA, ATF, the entire law enforcement community."

Davis will be replacing former Chief Sheila Smallman who was fired last month by city. The Mayor said Davis will add new leadership and discipline to this department.

"The police have to innovative. They have to be able to know where your trouble spots are, and they have to address those and they can't be periodically," Mayor Aniece Liddell said. "You have to stay on top of things, because when you get lax, the people start to take advantage of it."

Davis said he will work to stay ahead of the criminals and improve the quality of life in Moss Point, so people feel safe in Moss Point. He also wants to work closely with the mayor and city leaders to help make improvements.

The mayor said she expects Davis to officially take over as police chief sometime in May.

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