North Bay Night Out Provides Fun And Academic Progress

There's only one way to get children back to school after the final bell has rung - and that is "fun".

That fun was offered in the first North Bay Night Out- complete with cotton candy, classic cars, and a clown.

"I just like seeing all the teachers out here and all the people I know," said student Hawtin Buchanan.

"I just came out to see my friends, my teachers, and just to have fun," said student Wilson Wielgoiz.

"We have 850 students here. We have almost 100 faculty and staff, and we're such a large school, we pass each other in the hallways, we pass each other on the playground but we really don't have the time where we get together. And this was an event that would allow us all to come together," said teacher John Mundy.

Hundreds of students and parents were treated to free food, as well as free demonstrations by law enforcement agencies which could possibly save their lives.

But not only was the event educational and fun-filled, it was necessary.

"It's extremely important to have community involvement, community support, especially as a teacher. You want support from your parents because it's important for them to come out and support you as a teacher in order to help the students to accomplish what they need to accomplish in the classroom," said teacher Sonya Gates.

So, as you can see, clowning around at school is not always a bad thing.

School officials say "North Bay Night Out" will be an annual event.