The Sycamore House - Main Street, Bay St. Louis

Chefs Michael Eastham and Stella LeGardeur have opened the restaurant of their dreams in Bay St. Louis. "The Sycamore House " features fine dining in a casual atmosphere.

The husband and wife say they're now doing what they've always wanted to do.

"It was just a dream come true," co-owner Stella LeGardeur says.

"While we were looking around, we happened upon this place and that was it. We walked in and knew this was what we wanted," co-owner Michael Eastham says.

Then there was the pressure of a name for their new restaurant.

"When I was growing up, I used to visit my grandmother in England who had a beautiful thatched English tudor cottage that brought back fond memories. It was called the Sycamore House," Michael says.

Michael and Stella say they can't imagine themselves doing anything else.

"This is our passion, and we don't fit any place else," Stella says. "We want everyone to get the best of the best."

Like one of the signature dishes, Trout Audubon .

Michael describes it as, "breaded speckled trout filet that is sauteed in the pan and finished in the oven, served with a shallot wild mushroom wine reduction sauce."

"Our seafood is one of our fortes, but everything on our menu is good," Stella said. "The creme brulee is another signature."

From appetizer to dessert, allow time to enjoy your fine dining experience.

"Slow food is good for the body," Michael says.

"The food speaks for itself because everyone who leaves here loves the food," Stella says.

The Sycamore House is located 210 Main Street in Bay St. Louis. It's open Wednesday through Saturday 11am until 2:30pm and from 5pm until 9pm.