Benefit remembers lives lost in oil rig explosion

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The sounds of bluegrass and the smell of BBQ floating over Gulfport are signs of happy times.  However, the gathering at The Shed BBQ Joint Wednesday evening, was to remember something much more somber.

"What a drastic situation that happened. A lot of it did go to the oil and the fishermen and that was a big concern, but as well as the 11 people that lost their lives out on the rig when the explosion happened and are sometimes overlooked," said The Shed representative Kristina Boyd.

The 11 men who lost their lives in the oil rig explosion are often forgotten, but not on the one-year anniversary of the oil spill. Guitars for the Gulf is working to honor their memory, and also help those who cleaned up the spill.

Guitars for the Gulf is a benefit made up of several concerts in three states, all held at the same time. The money raised goes to and Solution to Pollution, which are both organizations that lend aid to oil spill workers and research the health effects of the spill.

"It's not over. That's why we need the research. We need independent studies. We can't depend all the time on the government for theirs," said organizer Fritzi Presley.

These organizations will also give aid to the families of those lost.

"We should get together and remember. They were kind of forgotten over the past year and I just think it's important for them to be remembered as well," said Boyd.

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