Gulfport City Council seeks new use for VA Laundry Building

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport city leaders passed a resolution today that will put the Redevelopment Commission in charge of finding good use of the old VA Laundry building.

"We met on it in 2009, with current council in 2005, and incoming council 2009," said Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines.

Considering that so many meetings have taken place discussing what could be done, Gulfport City Leaders are anxious to swap out the discussions, for action.

"We are trying to assist them and move forward and give them the tools that they need to get a project going," said Councilwoman Cara Pucheu.

The resolution the city council passed means the Redevelopment Commission can move forward with finding the appropriate use for a now empty building, that many say is full of potential. The council will have a study done to determine the best use for the building and what the costs might be.

The Redevelopment Commission is said to be in sync with the plans, but some council members want to be sure plans are executed following protocol.

"When they make the decision of the consultant, it should at least be ratified by the Council. Therefore we will have clarity. No gray matters," said Hines.

In full support of the move, Councilman Rusty Walker quickly responded to Councilwoman Hines' request.

"This is the Clarity of what we're asking them to do. We're directing them and appropriating the funds for them to do it," said Walker.

The commission originally had a two year agreement on the property dating back to March 12, 2010.

"We're hoping that it will stay for the community purpose as well as that we can rent it to many larger events. Hopefully some competition to the coliseum," said Hines.