Tornado victims prepare for long road to recovery

LEAKESVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Work crews and citizens in Greene County finished a long day of clean up after a super-sized tornado created a path of destruction in their area.

The Emergency Management Director said every home and business that can accept electricity now has power. MEMA and FEMA have assessed the damages there for federal assistance. But even with all that work done, folks in the county said things are still far from normal.

When you look around the small town of Leakseville, you can see how powerful the tornado was.

"It is pretty bad. Looks like a bomb a went off," Stokes Ludgood said.

While the twister was a big one, the clean-up is even greater. The damage stretched for miles.  Folks like Leon Scott were out cutting down fragile trees and removing the debris crowding the streets.

"It demolished pretty bad around here."

Larry Moore spent the day sifting through rubble.  Moore was just one of more than 100 home and business owners affected by the twister.

"Before the town was very neat and clean, and right now it is pretty bad shape, but they are doing a really good job of getting everything cleaned up, and it is going to take time."

Willis Box also has huge clean up on his hands after Mother Nature clobbered his home of 20 some years.

"I will clean up today, clean up tomorrow, and probably take me about a couple of days to do so," Box said. "All of this got wet, so I am going to have to replace all that stuff too."

These folks in Leakseville said they know it is going to be a long road to recovery, but they will not let this tornado destroy their spirit or their motivation to rebuild.

"My parents always told me I can give out, but never give up, and I have always kept that in my head. I never give up; I always bounce back,"Moore said.

The hope is that the rest of the folks in the community will do the same.

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