Condos Move Ahead With New Look, Lower Price

Sea Breeze developer Pat Barber showed us the original model of the condo tower.

"This is the plan that we had approved by the city and now we're coming back and it's gonna be half this size. Cut in half to a ten story building."

The Sea Breeze condo's shorter design meets Biloxi's new 110 foot height restriction. But the developers say it's been a long, frustrating road getting there. They got all the permits they needed from the city to build their 18 story condo tower.

In June, they tore down the old Golden Nugget strip club on their property, clearing the way to start construction, or so they thought, in August. But the city's height rule forced the developers to start over.

"The only way you can do it is regroup, back up and resubmit and we're going in in early October with a new submission of everything to the city," says Barber.

The company had already sold about a quarter of its units. Barber says some customers are having second thoughts,  others are sticking with the company. Despite all the stumbling blocks, Barber remains convinced that the Sea Breeze will enhance Biloxi's beach front.

"We think it's a beautiful project and it absolutely breaks my heart to see it being reduced down because it won't have the magnitude of the project in size but it will still have all the amenities and the beauty."

After the Biloxi City Council passed the new height requirements in July, the Sea Breeze developers filed an appeal in circuit court. It is still pending.