Gulfport Students Pray At The Pole

One student announced over the speakers "Please join in as we sing 'Our God is An Awesome God' ".

Before dozens of students hit the classrooms Wednesday morning, they headed to the flagpole in front of Bayou View Middle School in Gulfport. It was their moment to pause, close their eyes and join their voices in prayer, music and praise.

One student prayed "Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day that you have given us and please just watch over all our words and just stay in our Hearts".

Another student prayed "Dear Lord, thank you for this day and help all the administrative staff as they go through this day".

Students like seventh grader, Katelyn Hulett, came to share her faith with fellow Christians. Katelyn Hulett said "I wanted to do it so I could show people the love for God the way I love him".

Eighth Grader Nick Castiglia said "Last year was my first year and it really touched me so I wanted to be a part of it at my school this year. It's so amazing how great God's love can be".

One young man read from scripture "Let it be known this day, that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant". A young lady read a prayer she wrote "You have to have faith. Even when you've had the worst day possible, have faith".

Many students believe "See You At the Pole" can be a life-changing experience. Castiglia said "I know a couple that did not go to church and coming to Campus Life and See You at the Pole, they have accepted Christ and it really makes me happy".

Andrew Lombardo of Youth For Christ said "They're trying to fill that void in they're life in all kinds of ways. But, the only thing that is really going to be satisfying to them is when they realize that God formed them and God made them and what they need in their life is God in their heart".

Youth For Christ is hosting a prayer rally at the Coast Coliseum on Saturday. About 5,000 young people are expected to attend the event.