Restaurant finds new home in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Lookout Steakhouse is making its debut in downtown Gulfport after closing once because of leasing issues and again following Katrina. With over 100 jobs created, the eatery is already doing great things for the economy.

The original Lookout was destroyed by Katrina forcing it to temporarily move to highway 49. Now lookout has moved into a century old building in the heart of downtown Gulfport. Owners said considering the extensive planning and preparation that went into this restoration, this third time will definitely be the charm.

"Doing business in Gulfport is such on the upswing right now with the revitalization of the harbor and downtown Gulfport we're just thrilled to be a part of it, and doing business in Gulfport is outstanding," said Robert Stinson, Restaurant Owner.

Diners can expect to find a diverse menu that owners said is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

"You'll have from burgers to fillet, from amberjack down to catfish. I mean a full variety of affordable food," Stinson said.

Aside from this restaurant bringing something new to the coast, its also doing great things for the job market. Christopher McLuckie recently relocated back to the coast from North Carolina. He said he's thrilled to be working with the restaurant again.

"Seeing my old friends and family, and just being welcomed back into the community. It's a great experience and I intend to push that to my guests as well," said McLuckie.

It took just over 100 days to restore the new location and get things in place for debut. As workers hustle to add finishing touches, Lookout employees said, rest assured, they will be ready for you.

"I know it may look kind of a little rough around the edges, but once we have this thing going it's going to be amazing. Best restaurant on the coast," said McLuckie.

Lookout opens it's doors Monday, April 18, 2011. The business hours are 11-a.m. to 10-p.m. Click here to be directed to the restaurant's website.