Ocean Springs kids have a field day

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds or children spent the morning pulling for each other in a day filled with fun and games. They decided to take a spin at exercise and physical fitness.

In a state with the highest childhood obesity rates in the country, this was the perfect lesson plan.

"We want them to have fun and we want to promote physical activity," said teacher Melissa Manning.

Even the parents couldn't resist the hoopla surrounding the Magnolia Park field day.

"It's extremely important, and keeping the kids outside and playing and getting in shape and getting the exercise they need," Michael Moore said.  "You know, I grew up enjoying the outdoors like that and hopefully they will continue to do that."

Smiles on the faces of children were not hard to spot, including Arianna Moore.

"We're having field day," Moore said. "We're playing all these games out here and stuff, and I'm good at soccer."

Some of the kids are already setting world records in track. Razaria Copeland is a second grader.

"I'm two miles per minute. Well, I'm, like, the second fastest person in my class," Copeland said.

There's one thing about this Magnolia Park field day that makes it very special: it has been passed down from generation to generation.  Melissa remembers when she was a child.

"I enjoy field day. I loved it as a child and I love being able to experience it with them as well."

It's an experience that's hard to beat, if the screams of delight are any indication.

The first part of the day involved children from kindergarten to second grade.  Children from third through fifth grades participated in the second half of the program.

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