Casino workers could see claims checks starting next week

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Oil spill claim payments for casino workers could begin as soon as next week. Rep. Bobby Moak, Chairman of the House Gaming Commission, told WLOX News Friday claims administrators and BP finally understand the casino business better and have worked to process casino worker claims.

"Once they got over this hump and understood, they started working diligently to get the casino workers paid," Moak said.

Thousands of casinos workers have complained that their oil spill claims have been stalled or even ignored. Moak said the Gulf Coast Claims Facility point man on the casino claims admitted casino worker claims have been handled differently.

Moak said a meeting in February began to change the thinking at GCCF. Casino managers, BP and GCCF reps sat down with him and other lawmakers to sort out the claims process for workers.

"Casino management teams and operators have helped get information together that the workers couldn't get together on their own to complete their claims," Moak said.

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