Drug store burglar gets beans, not Lortab

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A Pascagoula pharmacist tired of criminals targeting his business has found an old-fashioned way to outsmart the bad guys. He traded out the pills inside a huge bottle of Lortab for beans, and left the decoy out as bait.

Pharmacist Mac Clark works at Fred's Drug Store on Ingalls Avenue. Clark told WLOX News the store has been hit three or four times in just the past six months, and each time the burglars got Lortab.

"We know what they're after," Clark said.

Around 6am Wednesday, it happened again. Someone broke into the store, triggering the alarm. The only thing stolen was a big bottle of Lortab. But this time it was Clark's decoy, filled with red beans.

"Kidney beans, like you'd use to make beans and rice. I didn't have any rice to put in there," Clark said.

Investigators believe the burglar cut him or herself during the break-in because they found a trail of blood leading away from the building.

There's no surveillance video of the crime, so investigators are hoping someone may have information to help. If you do, call the Pascagoula Police Department at (228) 762-2211.

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