Page 13: Art imitates life

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Even though we all see the Mississippi Coast as one big community, all of the cities along the coast have unique character.

Artist Linda Theobald has tapped into that through a special series of limited prints titled Coast Towns.

In her work, you are likely to see many things you are intimately familiar with. From Waveland to Moss Point to all the classic coastal images in between, Theobald says she goes out of her way to capture our history and culture.

"It's fulfilling for me as an artist to capture that and connect with people the way this artwork does."

Linda uses pen and ink, mixed with water colors to create original art turned into limited edition prints. She chooses landmarks and landscapes that are unique to each town, but that also speak to the shared interests of every community along the coast.

"Each of our coastal towns are so connected, but they have their own identity. It's the architecture. It's customs. It's things in towns that I incorporate. It's even trees, plants and animals."

Theobald's work can be found in a variety of outlets like Tickled Pink Gift Shop at Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi.

Linda started doing universities a few years ago. She began with her Alma Mater, USM, and says the concept exploded.

"At a show people were asking for Ole Miss or Mississippi State. As I would do more, I'd get requests for others. It has branched out."

From universities to everything we associate with our coast towns, Linda Theobald says she has found a colorful way to blend art and history.

"It's a bond with all of us. I think we have a unique culture and that's what I try to preserve."

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