Guard Convention Exhibitors A Varied Lot

The National Guard's convention is in town, and it has brought more than three thousand delegates here. Down at the Coliseum's Convention Center, you will find all kinds of exhibitors.

In fact, there is even a Bradley Fighting vehicle inside the building. It's a three and a half million dollar military piece of equipment that Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military got to know all too well during the war. Missiles from the Bradley destroyed many Iraqi tanks.

There are more than 300 exhibitors selling their wares at the Convention Center. The most popular was probably a video simulator where anybody can fire shots inside an actual firing range.

Of course, with so many exhibitors, not everything is high tech. Mike Harrington brought his vaccuum cleaner to the show, all the way from Idaho. With a big smile on his face, Harrington says no matter how high tech the military becomes, there is still a need for vaccuums. The convention wraps up on Wednesday.