MDOT: Dangerous Bay St Louis intersection doesn't need a light

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The people who drive in the area of Bouslog and Highway 90 say it's one of the most dangerous intersections in Bay St. Louis.

"The major one that we really had was that UPS truck running up into the building and the lady being ejected from the car," Kennedy Bush remembered.

Bush owns the business that was rammed by a truck that day. The wreck also involved three cars, and somehow, everyone survived.

But it's just one of many accidents Bush has witnessed at the intersection over the past few years. Bay St. Louis police have seen the wrecks too.

"Since 2007, we've had 33 accidents at that intersection. One fatality, several injuries," said Police Chief Mike DeNardo.

Traffic is heavy at the intersection, with several business and a post office. Lisa Vergano sees several problems.

"It's excessive speed, as well as too many maneuvers at this one intersection," Vergano said. "We've got people, as I said, cutting across Highway 90 going east and west bound."

Vergano said drivers making frequent u-turns adds to the danger.

"So this alone is a toxic combination and a deadly mix," Vergano said.

"The best solution is going to be a traffic light," Chief DeNardo said.

But the Mississippi Department of Transportation recently completed a traffic study at the intersection and concluded it did not warrant a traffic light. That news that didn't sit well with Vergano.

"I just don't understand, nor believe, or accept this because these are people's lives. This is life," Vergano said.

"It's a dangerous intersection and we want something done to protect the citizens of Bay St. Louis," the chief said.

A Mississippi Department of Transportation spokesman told WLOX News that the intersection didn't meet all of the criteria for a traffic light, but said the department is looking at various measures to make the intersection safer. Other safety measures under consideration include reducing the speed limit in the area, making it illegal to make a U-turn on Highway 90 at the intersection, and even possibly reducing the size of the intersection.

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