Chief on spring break: 'I think it was very positive'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It will take at least another week before the Biloxi Police Department can determine the manpower and overtime it spent on Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break.  Other agencies will spend that time tallying up the same numbers.

According to police estimates, between 20,000-25,000 people attended the event this year.

Public works crews spent Monday picking up the barricades that lined Highway 90.  Officers put them to use Saturday night when traffic was the most congested.  Initially, they blocked the turn bays.  Then, they implemented their venting plan, forcing traffic up the I-110 or to Cowan-Lorraine Road in Gulfport.

At one point, officers had to close the service drive early after some fights broke out.

Chief John Miller says he is pleased with the way his officers handled the large crowds and heavy traffic.  "It was actually an organized event this year, with a promoter," the chief said, "We hoped that people would utilize the Coliseum and the event arena, and that didn't seem to happen as much as we would have liked to have seen it happen."

"I think with the amount of people that we had here, I think it was very positive. My last account of arrests were 90 arrests, and we had a considerable amount of people here, so I think that's a positive, positive note."

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