Drivers beware: 13 miles of I-10 to be repaved

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The road cones popping up along I-10 in Gulfport are a sign of MDOT's latest project. However, it's also a sign of potential headaches for drivers.

"It's going to be some problems at the start. We have some concrete repairs to do. Just the nature of that work. We'll have periodic daytime closures for the first couple of weeks of the project so, for the first few weeks you can expect pretty major traffic delays," said Steven Warren of Warren Paving.

Over the next five months, Warren Paving will be giving a fresh coat to I-10 from the Wolf River to the Shorecrest Road overpass. Most of the work, milling the road and laying asphalt, will be done at night when traffic and temperatures are low.  However, some repairs have to be done during the day, and that means lane closures.

"It's not going to be a constant lane closure from Wolf River to Cowan Road. We'll be in different spots, but we're going to try and notify the public as best we can to where those closures will be," said Warren.

While construction workers are used to working around traffic, drivers should use caution when they are around roadwork.

"Just be slow and watch for them. Make sure they don't step out behind a vehicle. They're working so they're trying to pay attention to the cars but really they're trying to pay attention to what their job is. Just be careful," said Warren.

Driving slow in construction zones isn't just for the safety of workers.  Workers say construction tends to lead to tailgating, which often leads to fender benders.

The company has until September 30th to complete the project, but with any luck they will finish ahead of schedule.

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