Coroner identifies the 2 people killed in plane crash

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Lufkin doctor, his sister-in-law, and another person were killed in a plane crash outside of McComb, Mississippi early Sunday morning.

The local coroner identified two of the three people deceased as Dr. Taylor, Jacqueline Ham and the identity of the other person has not being released. According to Yana Ogletree, a spokeswoman for Lufkin's Memorial Hospital, Dr. Pickett was a thoracic surgeon on staff.

Reports say the group went to New Orleans Saturday night to watch a friend, who's a musician perform. They were on their way back to McComb when the plane went down.

Jacquelyn lives just outside McComb. The plane crashed about 4 miles from the McComb-Pike County airport. Dr. Pickett leaves behind four children together.