Thousands cruise beach front on Spring Break Saturday

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Spring Break Weekend was in full swing Saturday night along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Thousands of visitors converged along the beach front in Biloxi to celebrate the weekend event. Traffic along Highway 90 slowed to a crawl at times, as police worked to keep vehicles moving.

The crowd won't likely hit the promoter's predicted 50,000, but there are several thousand visitors in town.

Police implemented their "venting" plan along Highway 90 late Saturday afternoon, as traffic increased. That simply means they blocked off all turn-arounds and side streets; to keep the traffic moving east and west.

Despite the congested highway, visitors we talked with were having a great time.

The beach walkway was "the" place to be on this Spring Break Saturday. Thousands of like-minded visitors seem to have a straight forward mission:  See and be seen.

"What up, what up Biloxi?  Black Spring Break!" screamed one young man, sitting on the beach with a group of friends.

The procession down the boardwalk and slow cruise along 90 makes for an easy late afternoon.  Spring Break Weekend is a great opportunity to socialize.

"As you can see, we're having a great time. The police are being very lenient. And we love it. And we wish every day was like this," said a young man from St. Martin.

He and his friends admitted the big attraction for them is watching the young women.

"Of course. The girls are very nice," he said.

"To see the women, man, to see the women," said a visitor from Baton Rouge, when asked about why he and his friend drove to Biloxi, "See it all, we came to see it all. See the women."

Of course it cuts both ways; guys checking out the ladies and those ladies also eyeing the men.

"I'm having a ball," said one young woman who drove over from nearby Alabama.

She said socializing is the best thing about this event.

"You're seeing people you ain't seen in a long time," she said, "I'm from Mobile!"

"It's going down on the coast!" yelled one young man, from his slow moving car, "Act right when you come down here, 'cause we don't play no games," he said.

"The police is out, watch yourself now," he cautioned.

The smell of barbecue along the boardwalk led us to a tent filled with family and friends from Jackson County.

"We're family. We're together. And we're just enjoying ourselves you know."

"Like a tradition, you know what I'm saying," said one man, who was keeping an eye on the hot grills.

Big Daddy supervised the grilling of ribs and corn.

"First time coming to Black Spring Break, you know what I'm saying. But it's nice, real nice."

"I'm enjoying myself.  Food and fun. It's all made with love," he said.

A sizeable Saturday crowd enjoyed cruising the beach and enjoyed this weekend's event.

"It's way better than what I thought it would be," said one smiling visitor, "It's way better, way better."

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