Turning lanes on 90 shut down for Spring Break

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Day two of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break Weekend, the turnout has yet to reach the numbers organizers have been predicting, but the crowds are definitely out.

A few hours ago, police started closing turn lanes on Highway 90 to accommodate traffic.  And law enforcement Command Posts are up and running at the Edgewater mall to manage the crowds that have arrived.

Police stress that crowds have been under control.

Authorities and visitors alike say things have run smoothly, although some spring breakers say they're unhappy with the strong police presence.  For instance, Martika Locke said, "They're doing unnecessary things and they're towing unnecessary cars and saying unnecessary words."

Some visitors feel as though the are being targeted by police and can't enjoy themselves.  However, officials within the sheriff's department say their presence is needed with crowds of this size and for the most part, they've been well received.

Tony Sauro heads up operations for the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.  "Law enforcement has been very professional and that's been well received amongst the visitors and they've all been acting very well," said Sauro.

Aside from minor traffic violations, authorities say the event has been very smooth up unto this point. With major concert events lined up, this evening is expected to have the largest turnout of the weekend.

Since opening night, the sheriff's department has had about fifty extra men and women on duty. They say the extra planning has made for an excellent spring break weekend this year.

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