D'Iberville food and beverage tax bills fails in legislature

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The city of D'Iberville has discovered some growing pains as it's population continues to expand.

"We've run out of room in the city. Our Rudy Moran Park is getting smaller because our participation is getting larger," said D'Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave.

To help make room, city leaders proposed presenting citizens with the option of increasing the food and beverage tax to fund parks and recreations and a new public safety building.

"This is our way to raise some revenue," Quave said. "Instead of taxing our individual citizens, it's getting help from outsiders who are supporting our city."

However, the state legislature killed the motion before citizens could vote on the issue.

Chief Wayne Payne said, "We all feel strongly that the citizens should decide the fate of this bill and not let the legislatures."

While disappointment certainly was the word Wednesday, city leaders said they aren't giving up, and next year, they'll try again to get the bill pushed through.

Quave said, "We've always had stumbling blocks along our way from our economic development, such as casinos and what have you, but we don't give up."

Similar bills for other cities in the state did pass the legislature. So, D'Iberville leaders want to know why not us?

"Why did they vote for other areas in the state to put a tax on instead of their home ground where they live? Why didn't it pass here?" Quave asked.

No matter the reason leaders say they will continue forward with other development plans.

Had the food and beverage tax been approved, it would have generated around $17 million a year in revenue for the city.

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