Biloxi Police And Firefighters Enjoy School Lunch

Students are used to seeing a police officer or two at Michel 7th Grade School in Biloxi. But not a dozen of them, all under one roof.

"We got to sit down with them, and think about all the great works that they've done in the past years," Eleventh Grader Shaquoya Walton said.

On this second anniversary of 9/11, the school district treated Biloxi police and firefighters to a free lunch. Jason Davis is a Biloxi Fire Inspector.

"I had the old fashioned chicken sandwich and macaroni and cheese. It's very good. It's very different from the school lunch that I actually had when I was in school".

As everyone feasted on chicken, pizza or salad, they also reflected on the lives lost.

"The loss of the firefighters and the police officers, they realize the numbers were so high. But after that, they've also noticed that every year there's also a death toll in both jobs, and there are sacrifices that we do for the society that we live in," Officer Thomas Goldsworthy said.

"It shows our support of our firefighters and policemen and shows them that we do care and that we do appreciate the things that they do for us," Teacher Lori Dykes said.

It's not everyday that officers and firefighters get to enjoy a meal and joke with students and teachers.

"It's pretty cool to sit with the police officers, especially if you beat them in a staring contest. It was a tie again, except he blinked," Shaquoya Walton said.

Thomas Goldworthy laughed and said, "She said she won, but you know, I think she blinked first".

The VIP lunch did more than satisfy hungry tummies, it also warmed the heart.