Moss Point want to end "anti-snitch" code on streets

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Kathy Hall and her mom live a block away from where a drive by shooting happened in Moss Point that left one man injured and another dead.  "Very sad," she said, "especially at a young age. From what I understand he was a young male."

While the family said they didn't see who did it, they hoped whoever did would speak up.  "Bullets don't have a name it, and an innocent bystander could have really got hurt," Hall said.

Moss Point lead detective Tiffany Deeds and officer Scott Renfro drove around Moss Point Monday, searching for suspects as well witness to help in this case, but no luck. "The most disturbing thing is they don't want to talk to the police; they are afraid to step up and said what they saw and give out information," Detective Deeds said.

That same problem has made it difficult to solve another shooting at this apartment complex on McPhelia Street a few weeks ago. Detective Deeds has an idea why people who know something just keep quiet.  "They are afraid of getting a reputation of getting a reputation of being called a snitch, or just the retaliation of everything," Deeds said. "They feel they will be putting themselves and their families in harm's way."

Men around town contacted by WLOX News agreed.

"They are scared," a resident said.

"They think they will probably get shot," another resident said.

Police want to point out that when citizens keep quiet, it is actually doing more harm than good. They say not speaking up could possibly put more lives in danger.  "You are still going to have crime being committed in Moss Point, and you won't be safe to work in your yard or just congregate with neighbors," the detective said.

Moss Point Police said their goal now is to make themselves more visible in the community to assure folks that telling the truth isn't a crime, and coming forward will help keep the community safe.

"If you don't feel like you will be safe, you don't have to leave your name," Officer Deeds said. "We just need the information that you know, so you can point us in the right directions to send these people to jail."

Moss Point Police said citizens can stop by the station to give tips or call anonymously (228) 475-1711.

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