The day after at Fallen Oak

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The 2011 Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic is in the history book. By all accounts it was a raging success.

Tom Lehman, a popular and well known player walked away with the trophy and the weather was perfect.

The PGA Champion's Tour and all the players have moved on to the next tournament and the staff at Fallen Oak is busy getting back to business as usual.

The grandstands are empty. The scores have been removed from the leaders board. The staff at Fallen Oak went into clean up mode one day after the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic.

"This is just as intense as putting it together. We have a crew who worked the event. They have a tear down crew. It will take two or three weeks to get everything out of here. We're hoping for good weather" said Fallen Oak's David Stinson.

The day after the competition, players were already on the course getting in a round of golf. While the vendors and others who helped make the tournament click behind the scenes were putting away remnants of a golf tournament.

Stinson said everyone associated with Fallen Oak and the Mississippi Gulf Resort classic is very happy about the presentation, from the Golf Channel telecast to local coverage "We could not be more pleased. The coverage was very good by the Golf Channel and WLOX. We're extremely excited for the world to see Fallen Oak and the Mississippi Gulf."

It's kind of like Christmas when you have to pick up all the ribbons and wrapping paper or Mardi Gras when streets must be cleaned up after parades.

The Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic will be back next year. Stinson said Fallen Oak is preparing for the tourism season and looking for some normalcy after hosting a major event. "We're looking forward to a good spring and summer. We're ready to get back to normal".