Moss Point needs ‘snitches' to speak up

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Two recent incidents where gunfire echoed through Moss Point have become examples to Moss Point Police of citizens needing to become more involved.

Last Thursday, the gunfire was a block from Kreole Elementary School. One person died that day. A second person was wounded. And several homes got sprayed with bullets.

What police are telling Patrice Clark is people who may have seen the shooting haven't been very forthcoming with information. And that, detectives say, is hampering their investigation. Unless people speak up, and provide tips to police, officers say criminals won't be apprehended.

They realize people don't want to be snitches. However, Moss Point police stress that unless the community helps investigators, city streets will remain littered with lawbreakers.

Patrice Clark is talking with police today to learn more about how you can get more involved in making Moss Point a safer community. Look for her story on WLOX News at 5:00 and on

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