Missing Poplarville Woman Possibly Kidnapped

Gwen Ladner proudly showed off pictures of her 18-year old daughter Marrina. She's described as an active student who attends Pearl River Community College and works three part-time jobs. But since Saturday, Ladner has been living a mother's worst nightmare.

Gwen Ladner tearfully said, "I just wish she'd come home".

Marrina Ladner vanished around midnight Saturday, after leaving work at a Subway Restaurant on Highway 603 in the Kiln. Ladner says her daughter always calls to tell her mom where she is at all times, but on that night, her phone was low on battery.

"It's tough. Devastating. It's hard when you keep waiting for her car to pull up, and you know the sound of her car, she doesn't come. Every time the door opens, you're expecting her to come in and it's not her. The phone rings, and it's not her. It's devastating to any parent," Ladner said.

Her best friend Brandy Burchfield said, "It's been really hard, because I'm so used to her calling me, seeing her face, and her smile. She's got a gorgeous smile".

Everyday since her disappearance, friends and neighbors have dropped by the house to offer support, hand out fliers and search for Marrina. Rossie Creel is the case investigator for the Poplarville Police Department.

"Even people that aren't friends, that are just friends of friends have volunteered their time to get out, walk the roads, walk the woods. We've had people in four-wheelers in Hancock County just trying to find anything".

But too many days have gone by, and still no trace of Marrina.

"Just the time frame, and with no clues whatsoever. She's just disappeared. There's no sign of her car, no sign of her, we're treating it as a kidnapping, or abduction," Creel said.

"It's a very strong possibility. I don't think she's just missing. I just think she's not where she could get to me," Ladner said.

But Ladner is clinging to hope that Marrina is still alive, and will be home for a special celebration next Tuesday.

"We're ready to celebrate that 19th birthday with her at home," Ladner said.

Marrina Ladner is 5'8" and weighs 127 pounds. She has blond hair, hazel eyes, and wears braces. She was driving a dark, green 1997 Honda Accord with license plate 105 PRA. If you have any information, please call Poplarville Police at (601) 795-2241, or the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at (228) 467-5101.