First triathlon held in South Mississippi

Athletes from all over the nation took advantage of the nice weather Saturday at the Run-N-Tri Triathlon.

One hundred and eighty-five runners, swimmers and cyclists took to the track at 8 a.m. Saturday during the coast's first ever Triathlon at the Tradition Community Center.

The race was an effort to support the Rocket Kidz Foundation and the Gulf Coast Women's Center for Nonviolence. Organizers say they wanted to prove to citizens that with will power, anyone can participate in a triathlon

"The purpose of something like this is to show the community that anyone can come out here and do a triathlon. It's a manageable swim; it's a manage bike. The run is not too far, so anybody can put all three events together and put their body through something that they didn't think they could normally do," Dean Morrow with Run-N-Tri said.

The race included a Village Lake swim, a seventeen mile bike course, and 5k run.

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