Golf fans flock to Fallen Oak

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Thousands of golf fans will be soaking up some sun and admiring the talents of their favorite golfers this weekend.

Friday's opening round of the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic attracted a large gallery. Many of the fans were excited to see, in person, some of the big name players they've watched on TV over the years.

Fallen Oak is a beautiful course and a great venue for spectator golf. Whether on the grassy knolls or in the bleachers, fans were not disappointed.  Ask anyone in this Champions Tour gallery and they'll tell you: There's really not a bad seat on this golf course.

"Seen some pretty good shots. A guy just made a 30 footer for birdie. It's been great. Beautiful day," said Steve Ryan of Ocean Springs.

Teddy Harder and friends enjoyed a perfect vantage point just off the ninth green. It's Friday, the sun is out and the pros are in town.

"Just wonderful to be out here. And the people who aren't here, you're missing a great opportunity. This is a great thing for the coast. A lot of people enjoying it. Seems like everybody is oohhing and ahhing with every shot. It's incredible.  Whether you're a golfer or not, it's enjoyable, believe me," said Harder.

We found a foursome of snowbirds from Wisconsin soaking us some South Mississippi sun in the bleachers above the number one tee box.

They'll be heading back north soon, but decided the golf tournament sounded like fun.

"Oh, you bet.  No snow drifts or anything. It's kind of nice," said one visitor.

"You get to see people hit balls in the fairway!" his friend added.

"I love everything.  It's so beautiful. It's exciting. This is what makes us get sick that we have to go back in a little while," said one of the ladies from Wisconsin.

Juanita and Roger Hensley of Biloxi enjoyed it so much last year, they're back at Fallen Oak; perched on folding chairs just a few feet from the green.

"Oh I love it. We came last year and looked forward to it this year. I love seeing the people we saw on TV," said Juanita Hensley.

"I'm a golfer myself. I just love to get out and see the good shots. They make good shots. See the guys that were my heroes coming up. Some of them are as old as me, you know," added husband, Roger.

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