One man dead; Children caught in crossfire

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A search is underway for whoever shot up a residential street where nearly a dozen children were playing. One man was killed and another wounded Thursday afternoon during a drive-by shooting  in Moss Point.

Neighbors who saw the shooting say they're now living in fear. They agreed to talk, but only off-camera and without their names being used.

The corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard and Hilma Street was surrounded by crime scene tape and shell casings Thursday evening. Neighbors said earlier in the day the street had been filled with children. Kreole Elementary, which is just a block away, had let out and the kids were out playing and enjoying themselves.

Then came a parent's worst nightmare. Neighbors said they witnessed a drive-by shooting with their children caught in the crossfire.

One woman heard the gunshots from inside her home.

"When I ran out to get the kids, they were shooting," she recalled. "When I got them in the house, they were still shooting. It was constant."

Moss Point investigators aren't sure if the two shooting victims were the intended targets or bystanders.

The spray of bullets hit several houses. Neighbors said one of the houses had people inside.

Some parents said although no children were hurt, they won't be taking any chances. A young mother said she won't be letting her children play outside anymore because she's certain there will be retaliation.

"It's bad when you can't come out in your own yard," she said. "We're still in fear. It's not over."

A senior citizen approached and said she wished she'd witnessed the shooting so she could tell police who the perpetrators were.

"I'm tired of all this crime," she said. "If I see someone doing something wrong, I'm turning them in."

Some neighbors believe it's time for the community to pull together so their kids don't have to spend their childhood living in fear.

As of 10pm on Thursday,  no arrests had been made in this case. Anyone with information on the shooting is urged to call Crime stoppers at 1-877-787-5898. You do not have to give your name.

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