Point Cadet's potential revealed in student designs

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When you look at the Point Cadet Waterfront today, you might only see rubble and empty space.  However, members of the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center want to open residents' eyes to a new vision.

"I see the 300 years of Biloxi. I see the cultural diversity, mixed use, all of those things that contribute to that," said Biloxi resident Mike Hutter.

Students from the center have been recruited to paint a grand vision of the Point's potential.  While their designs will not be the final result, their ideas do give residents a taste of what could be.

Biloxi officials recruited the center's director, Grover Mouton, to head up the development of the area.

Residents said the process of watching east Biloxi change from what it was before Hurricane Katrina to the barren area it is now, is an emotional experience.

"It was a happy place. We had a pavilion there, an old Coast Guard hanger. We had festivals, dances, open air concerts. We ate. We danced. We drank. We had a good time," said resident Cassandra Griswold.

The student's designs are part of a class at the center. It gives students an opportunity to gain real world experience, and it also gives residents a chance to learn about the process of developing an area.

The ideas ranged from amphitheaters to cafes and shops and a boardwalk.

"I'd like to see it turn into a reflection of what it was so other people can see. Those things can be restored. What people don't realize is, don't throw them away, the old is good," said Hutter.

"It was part of us. It's just part of the land there it's where it started. It's where the people fished. Where they lived," said Griswold.

Residents also gave their suggestions and feedback which will be combined to help shape the final vision of Point Cadet.

You can view the designs by clicking here.

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