National debt clock shocks Gautier college students

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - It was impossible to ignore this gigantic number sign hovering over a main walkway at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community college. Young Americans for Liberty put up the sign to let these young  people, passing by, know their Nation is more than 14 trillion dollars in the red.

"That is insane, that is not good that our debt is that huge," a student said.

This guy had to take a picture because he was so shocked.

"We are going to turn into a third world country if this keeps up," another student said.

Organizers Corey Adksion and Jeremy Peterson agree, and they said it is time to reduce frivolous federal spending.

"We are passing out flyers; we getting some petitions," Peterson said. "We are going to be petitioning our new congressman, Steven Palazzo, and both senators, we are going to be sending it to them and get them to address it. Because so far both republicans, and democrats, and even independents, no one is really addressing it."

The Young Americans for Liberty group said it fears if no change takes place soon, the debt numbers will continue rising. They believe the younger generation will be stuck with the super-sized bill.

"This is a real serious issue. I just turned 19 and I think it is kind of an immoral thing-loading us down with debt," Adkinson said.

Not everyone agrees with this campus protest. There were a couple students who said the leaders in our country are working hard, but change takes time.

"We were in debt in the first place. In order to make money, basically you have to go into more debt, unless you already have money aside. It is just expected," a student said.

These group members said they're not trying to point a finger at one political group; they just want to see our country out of debt. Hopefully, this sign will fire up young people to get involved.

"Spread awareness, because everybody needs to be awake to this problem," Peterson said.

The students said more than 50 people have signed their debt crisis petition. They also plan to travel around town to get more signatures before mailing the petition to state leaders.

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